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Startup Workshop
[EN] 5th Year | 1st Semester The subject of Architecture Final Project had as theme “Arquitecture or Revolution – Learning from the Satellite” in which it was asked to explore the urban development that occurred between the 80s and the beginning of the 21st century. Based on this, it was proposed to renew a building in the Lisbon urban area that would meet the requested theme. It was given an unreal budget of €10.000. The group developed a plan to resolve the outmost problems, such as the balconies that were converted into closed balconies. The building (collective housing) chosen was located in a hill over the Calçada de Carriche, which is the main arterial road between Lisbon and the north suburb, and its located among other buildings. These buildings were built during three stages. The building chosen has 7 floors and the first floor is the main entrance and has a commercial gallery. The front of the building has balconies, which were converted into closed balconies, contrary to the other buildings built at the time. This conversion, in addition of causing a huge visual impact, completely changes the way of living in these flats. The converted balconies also remain a serious problem of ventilation, as it does not allow the necessary circulation of air within the flat and cause the effect of a greenhouse, increasing the deterioration of the materials. The group suggested assembling a pre-made metallic structure lined with viroc blades, expanding the front of the building. This structure would be assembled to the front of the building, sorting the identified problems. The viroc blades allow the inhabitants to have more privacy and it improves the circulation of air. This solution offers a range of alternatives to the inhabitants regarding their balconies, without changing the front of the building. The viroc blades can be assembled in any of the surrounded buildings, it solves the identified problems, and the plan of the building’s structure just needs to be adapted.

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