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Setúbal East Requalification
[EN] 4th Year | 2nd Semester Located on the north bank of the River Sado, the city of Setúbal is deeply connected to the Sado Estuary. Its geographical location, strategic situated between two major commercial harbors – Lisbon and Sines - plays a key role to Setúbal harbor in the economic and social development of the entire area including the tourist attraction of Tróia. The History of Setúbal has always been deeply connected to the activities related to the sea which contributed to boost its development. The objective of this particular exercise is to transform the railway into a tram-train railway and it is suggested to revitalize the harbor area, offering a new riverside space with various support equipments. The access to the ferry was transferred to East, allowing only the entrance of small boats into the docks. The construction of a new connection allows the flow of the influx without reducing the harbor area, improving the conditions of anchorage of ships and ferries.

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