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Rehabilitation of Escola Básica 2.3 Gaspar Correia - Portela de Sacavém
[EN] 5th Year The Escola Básica 2.3 Gaspar Correia is located in the outskirts of Portela for over 35 years and has more than 700 students. The school has 7 buildings: 4 detached houses for classrooms, a multi-versatile venue, a gymnasium and a standing structure for the students’ canteen. The lack of maintenance of the area along the years calls for an intervention with the project “Rehabilitation of Portela de Sacavém Neighbourhood” revitalizing it based on the Parque Escolar model. The proposal is to demolish the multi-versatile venue, the gymnasium and the bar, and to build a multipurpose building similar to the demolished one answering to the students’ needs. It was thought to define the East boundary of the school and the new road, proposed as group’s strategy, with a four floors building. Due the inexistence of external covered spaces, except the pathways, the group will create a new semi- -covered square offering the students a wide external covered space. The classrooms’ detached houses will be rebuilt bearing in mind the necessary space adjustments to the new programmatic demands. The Escola Básica 2.3 Gaspar Correia was built on two flat bases, and is not related with the surrounding original slope. On the highest limit (64) are the detached houses for classrooms, the canteen and an open playing field. At quota 61 is the multi-versatile venue and the gymnasium. This difference between quotas creates a separation between the study and the services areas. The road proposed as group’s strategy is in quota 55, along the East boundary of the school. The proposed building is intended to connect all the different quotas, and be used by the student as well as by the all people of Portela’s neighbourhood. Therefore, the school will have now two entrances: the existence one at quota 61 for students and teachers only, and a new entrance at quota 55 for external use of some areas outside the school hours. The square at quota 61 will be the heart of the school, working as welcoming space, and waiting venue and circulation space. The school’s rehabilitation also included some external works, as the design of the green spaces, making them more comfortable equipment. The School Modernization Program for Secondary Schools (PMEES), and some of the time also applied to primary schools, aims to work in the requalification of school spaces, bringing together the foreign community. Thus, one of the program’s aims is the creation of multifunctional venues, allowing the community to gain access to the school. The structure of the facilities of the proposed school reflects this, once all the community’s accessible areas are at the same level as the group’s strategy proposed road. The access to these openings was thought in a way that students and community will not come across to each other, and the facilities can be used even when the other school area is closed. The students’ school entrance is at quota 61, leading them to the Main Square providing access to the surrounding premises. The separation between the study and the services areas remains while the third floor has the administrative offices and is used by the teachers and the other staff. All the spaces available to the community, as the library and the open playing field, can be seen from the exterior. On the other hand, the facilities accessible by students and teachers, such as the social area, the canteen and the administrative office, can only be seen from the main square and unable to be spotted from outside.

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