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Video Mapping Projection as architectural showcase tool
[EN] 5th Year Throughout the ages, the role of the architect in the development of cities has been crucial. Although it has always existed a certain difficulty in understanding their ideas, often resulting in the devaluation of their actions. One of the problems is the difficulty of communication between the architect and society. This difficulty is mainly created by the lack of understanding of representational tools used by the architect during the presentation or explanation of their projects. The architect must then be provided with instruments of representation to establish clear communication with the public. Digital technology can play an important role to facilitate such communication. With this study we intend to ascertain that the projection technique Video Mapping mode can be used in the context of architecture exhibitions, foster clearer communication with the public. Normally associated with the projection of animations on the facades of buildings we intend to explore an alternative to this, using that projection on models with the possibility of interaction. First, projections on models were performed using a Vídeo Mapping professional software. Whit this procedure, satisfaction tests were performed whit users without training in the discipline of architecture. They positively assessed the relevance of the integration of this technology in the context of architecture showcase. This technique was also presented in the exhibition “Chicago School: digital skyscraper” with Video Mapping on a model of a building in Chicago. In a second phase was developed, in collaboration with ADETTI-IUL, an alternative projection system Video Mapping using the Augmented Reality. The great advantage of this system is the possibility to link a 3D model to the projection, not content creation is required. To view the document click

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