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Sophia M. Bryner Museum - Lisbon
[EN] 1st Year | 2nd Semester This activity implied to build a museum for the Portuguese writer Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. It was asked to build an exposition area, a performance area, a library and a coffee shop. The location of the building was the Alvalade Park in Lisbon, which has several seat areas, long walking paths, elderly and children play areas, and a jogging route. This park is an excellent nature resort in the middle of the city. After reading Sophia de Mello Breyner´s work and biography some of the aspects were studied in detail, the ones which constituted the base of the project development. Last but not least was the fact that nature plays an important part on her work, especially the maritime, as the city was seen as a negative space. The water meant purity for Sophia, and the exterior of the building was built based on this. A pure shape is a basic shape as a cube or a parallelepiped. The sea which is present in all the writer´s work was an essential for the conception of the museum’s interior. The sea represents the depth as everything sinks into the sea. Therefore, we just see a simple flat floor building for the outside, but when we get in we keep finding several spaces deeper and deeper, which we cannot define from the outside. Each space allows us to observe other inner spaces, and also allowing others to see us from different angles. The exposition area is an aisle that flows along the other spaces and can be seen from the upper dimension of the model.

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