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Portuguese Language Museum - Póvoa de Santa Iria
[EN] 3rd Year | 1st Semester The Portuguese Language Museum is part of our “green line” proposal to renew the Póvoa de Santa Iria neighbourhood. This museum comes from the rehabilitation of the Convento of Nossa Senhora de Pirescoxe (Convent of the Holy lady of Pirescoxe). The convent is empty and disintegrated but it needs to be rebuilt due his history and location. The fact of being at the entrance of the neighbourhood made it the ex libris of this place and can be an attraction for people from around the country and from different ages. The idea of implementing the Museum of the Portuguese Language into the convent space came up as the answer to this rehabilitation program and to the demands of this project. The museum will enable people from all country, including families, young people, children, schools, writers, and so many more to visit this area. This could mean a huge social economical development to the neighbourhood of Portela da Azóia. It would be no longer just a residential area but a culture and leisure area. Therefore, it would be followed by the creation of more public services, and more investors for future offices into the existent buildings. The plan for the museum is to be made by two parts: the old convent (where we can find the permanent and temporary exhibitions and the administration) and an auditorium to 220 people (seminar room) to schedule meetings, venues, and others. In addition to the large garden and community vegetable gardens, we propose a parking area with 100 seats.

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