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Real Scale Model
[EN] 1st Year | 2nd Semester On this group activity it has been asked a construction of 1:1 scale model (real scale). This model should conceive our interpretation of one of the books of the writer António Tabucchi, “Sonhos de Sonhos” (“Dreams of Dreams”) and could only have a 3m x 3m area with 3 m maximum high. The chapter chosen to the group was “Sonho de Carlo Collodi” (“Carlo Collodi´s dream”), which talks about a “little paper boat in the middle of the sea and there was a storm. But the little paper boat resisted, and was a stubborn little boat…” The group decided to present a paper boat in a shape of a tilted cube baring in mind these sentences, and transmit the idea that the boat was sinking, but at the same it resists. The group attempted to give the impression of movement through the inclination of the model vertical plans and the tilt of the ground. The group wanted to create the feeling of a little adrift boat. This has been achieved according the visitors, who mentioned feeling disorientated, wobbly and even dizzy. In the interior of the cube there was a main window which lead to one of the corners of the university building. Looking at this angle at the model it seemed like a bow of an enormous boat ready to sink us. The model was fully made of wood except some of the areas where the group decided to input some white tissue, so the interior seemed brighter.

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