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Green Line - Póvoa de Santa Iria
[EN] 3rd Year | 1st Semester The “Green Line” is an outcome of a group activity, which consisted on the observation of the urban area of Portela da Azoia, in Póvoa de Santa Iria, around 10km (6,21 miles) outside Lisbon. This is a neighbourhood that has expanded along the years outside the urban plan, i.e. each family built their own house according to their budget. The major problem of this neighbourhood is the A1 highway, which is a physical barrier of isolation. On one hand the A1 is one of the greatest potential for the local development, allowing a quick access to Lisbon, though it separates the neighbourhood from the rest of the local area and restraining the access to public services. After this observation the group was asked to provide solutions to the major problems. It was required the intervention on the urban net which contains lots of empty to-be-built spaces as well as unfinished and/or empty buildings. Our proposal was to resolve one of the major problems, which is the A1. We would create a “green line” alongside the highway setting a construction site and providing access to the empty buildings.

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