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LEXARQ Arquitectura Lda.
[EN] June 2015 - April 2016 The Association of Architects Professional Experience Program was held at the office of LEXARQ - Architecture Lda, which provides solutions for large commercial and retail spaces, with a wide range of high profile customers such as the Jerónimo Martins Group - Pingo Doce, Recheio, SPOT, CODE; BMCAR, University of Minho, Walk'in Clinics and Contidis group. For almost a year, I participated on various architectural projects, where I performed various tasks from licensing procedures to the implementation of plans. Additionally I carried out monitoring of the development phases of these projects through to direct contact with municipal bodies and conducting screen finals, where the final check of the project is carried out. In this first experience I had my first professional direct contact with the architectural profession while continually learning in all projects where I participated, especially in the areas of commercial design, governed by specific regulatory requirements which were not covered in depth during the academic education. Website: www.lexarq.pt

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