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Collective Housing - Póvoa de Santa Iria
[EN] 3rd Year | 2nd Semester The idea for this project was a low density neighbourhood collective. The place to do this was the Quinta de S. José in Santa Iria, which has an area of around 5000 square meters. The building has fourteen residential houses to be built over 3.80 meters slab-sided. The lower ground constitutes the parking space and the slab is its roof. This means that the people would park under their own houses. There are some stairs as an inner access from the garage to the house. On the southern front of the building there is a garden with swimming pool for use of residents, offering a better quality of life. The houses were designed for small families, and they are only 1 or 2 bedroom houses. There is a small window balcony in the living room. These windows can be opened and folded to create a bigger space and connecting it to the garden. On the exterior there are some metal shadows that can also be opened or closed and both window and metal can be alternated. On one hand if you want a smaller room with a balcony, then you close the windows and leave the metal shadows opened. On the other hand, you can open both of them and have a bigger room connected to the garden. Finally, you can have a more intimate space and a lofty room by opening the windows and closing the metal shadows.

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