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[EN] May 2016 Completed the stage of access to the Architects in LEXARQ architecture cabinet - Architecture Ltd., I joined the company Abstract Space - Real Estate Ltd. The Abstract Space, was founded in 2008, its headquartered is in Vila Verde, Braga district, it is a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of real estate, as well as its the resale. Currently it operates in the market in partnership with the company "ERA" through the "House Pro Era", a unique and innovative service that offers customized solutions for single-family houses. Starting from one of 30 architectural models available in the portfolio, it is tailored to the expectations of each client, its financial capacity and building land. Each process goes through various departments from the start of the study until the completion of the work. I was placed in the licensing department, where I was responsible for all licensing process for various projects, since the completion and approval of the study until the final approval by the city council. In this professional experience I was developed various competencies, particularly in terms of legislation, autonomous organization of the various licensing processes in various city councils nationwide and direct contact with customers, city councils and external entities. Site: www.espacoabstrato.pt | www.casaproera.pt

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