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[EN] November 2017 In collaboration with the Architect Raquel Lima, I participated in a contest that had the purpose of installing a new branch of Arquia Banca in Oporto. We presented a proposal that recreates the beauty of the original structure of the interior of the building. We created a project with irregular plans, emphasizing the games of natural and artificial light. An aluminum and glass structure has been designed, increasing the most impressive service spaces, such as the director's office and the meeting room for 10 to 15 people, thus freeing up the interior space for the rest of the project`s program creating a clear division between public, private and confidential spaces. A balance was created between the different spaces, having in the private service areas a set of inclined planes and artificial light, where customers feel welcomed in a simplicity and refinement place. The meeting areas are transparent zones such as Arquia Banca's relationship with its clients, where they demonstrate the attitude towards the business. The director and deputy director`s offices are confidential and at the same time privileged places of agency`s control. The private space has a sternest air for security reasons, but it is embraced by a small garden space that gives a quieter air also to the staff rest área.

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