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Gonçalo Filipe da Silva Velhinho is a young and promised architect from Lisbon, Portugal. He was born in 30th October 1990. He was always keen on arts since young age and he has developed his knowledge and skills in school along the years. On secondary school he studied Visual Arts and obtained a classification of 20 on the National Exam of Geometry, which granted him a place in University. He joined ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (University Institute of Lisbon) where he studied for 5 continuous years obtaining his Master in Architecture with a dissertation under the Laboratório de Tecnologias da Arquitetura (Architecture Technology Laboratory) entitled “Projeção Vídeo Mapping como ferramenta de exposição de arquitetura” (“Mapping Projection Video as architectural showcase tool”). He finished his degree with a classification of 17 and a final (average) classification of 15. He began his professional experience in the office LEXARQ Arquitectura Lda. in June 2015, concluded in April 2016, where he began a more serious contact with the profession of architect to cooperate in various architectural projects, including shopping and distribution, business , industrial and institutional buildings. In May 2016 he joined the company Espaço Abstrato – Imóveis Lda., acting in the market in partnership with the company "ERA" through the "Casa Pro Era", a service that offers customized solutions for single-family houses. In this professional experience developed various competencies in terms of legislation, autonomous organization of the licensing processes and direct contact with customers, city councils and external entities. On his portfolio we can find some of his projects and work undertaken along their academic and professional career.

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